Does running your business ever stress you out?  Are you ever unsure about your marketing strategies, worried about staying compliant with local and federal HR policies, or question whether you're getting the best pricing you can from all your vendors?  If so, you're not alone.  Its completely normal to feel a bit overwhelmed by some of these things in practice ownership.  In fact, we've met a number of doctors that felt the same way as you, unhappy with all of the demands of business  ownership on top of providing clinical care.  In the end, we've found that they would prefer to stick to their true love, clinical dentistry, and that business ownership is simply a necessary evil.

Evolution Dental was started as a solution to these exact feelings.  We exist to provide solutions for all of your needs in the practice.  We provide full HR services from hiring to termination and compliance along the way.  Our position in the market allows us to provide our affiliates significant pricing advantages in dental supplies while still using name brand, quality products.  And our reach provides an opportunity to leverage popular marketing techniques to drive new patients your way!

This is not some practice consulting concept, and we aren't here to take control of your business.  We simply take the tasks that you either are uncomfortable doing yourself, or were never trained to do in the first place.  We exist to ensure you enjoy practicing more than you ever have in the past.  Fill in the form below to learn more how we can help you enjoy dentistry like you never have before!

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