I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.  I wake up on a Monday morning, fresh off a weekend full of education and inspiration.  Not only am I ready to change my professional life with all the good stuff I learned, but even better, I have a bright shiny new toy at one of the offices.  Dentistry is rapidly advancing, with technology becoming indispensable in our daily routine.  I am guilty of that exact situation: I rely on my CEREC and cone beam to the point of paralysis without it.  If there is a technical issue, I feel lost.  When it’s in use by another provider in the office and I need it, I get frustrated.  Imagine the difficulty in running a practice without any of that technology when you have been so reliant on it for so long.

Recently, I acquired a new practice, Northview Dental on Keystone.  This practice is an excellent opportunity to bring into my group, with a number of ways to immediately bring better care and attention to the patients.  It is also a great chance to serve as proof of concept that I can do a de novo startup.  Although there are approximately 600 paper charts (yes I said it, paper!) and 4 built out and equipped ops, this practice feels like a startup.  With that many charts, you would expect to see a halfway busy hygiene department.  When I purchased this office, there were maybe 20 hygiene visits scheduled out in advance.  So, startup it is.  Luckily, I am able to dedicate the human capital needed to work the phones, re-activate patients, and put on a significant marketing effort to get the practice moving along quickly.

So let’s put this in perspective.  The practice is basically devoid of patients, which should mean you concentrate on the basics: fill hygiene, diagnose the patient’s conditions, recommend treatment, collect for services rendered.  Do this with whatever supplies and equipment are in the place for long enough, and someday you can buy the technology that you really want.  Well, when you’ve become so reliant on a CEREC machine, its not really an option.  Impressing with PVS and temporizing only 2 cases was enough for me to reschedule all crown patients out 2 weeks so I could figure out my plan of attack.  And when I pulled the trigger I was very happy that I did.

What was waiting for me today was a nice big crate with a CEREC omincam AC inside.  After carefully unboxing the precious cargo, I made sure the software was fully installed, the CAD portion communicated with my existing CAM component, and we are all set.  Ready for a full day of crowns starting Wednesday.  The next step in the process is getting a cone beam CT installed so I can confidently diagnose and rule out significant health consequences for the patients.  It sure will feel great to be at full strength again.

Interestingly, I had another present arrive over the weekend, thanks to a Secret Santa.  Someone decided my technology collection wasn’t complete without a vintage, well-used, CEREC 2.  Yes that’s right, the CEREC 2 equipped with single shot camera, integrated milling chamber, and CRT monitor.  Boy oh boy, do I have some plans for you CEREC 2.  But that’s a topic for another day.  Until next time

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