Are you ready to make an investment in your practice, but concerned about learning to use it properly?  Do you ever find yourself struggling to fully implement the technology you already have in your practice?  While it's completely natural to find yourself facing these issues, you could be costing your patients the care they need and costing your practice significant lost opportunity.

The good news is, Dr. Pasicznyk can help get you and your team on the right track to providing unbelievable outcomes for your patients.  Owning a group of private practices with high levels of dental technology, Dr. Pasicznyk knows what it takes to get doctors and team members prepared to take their practice to the next level.

With expertise in dental implants, dental CAD/CAM systems and materials, 3D CBCT xrays, and integration of CAD/CAM and CBCT to provide guided implant surgery, Dr. Pasicznyk can be sure to help your practice reach newfound success in all these areas and more.

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